CIRCA develops educational resources for specific audiences: industry professionals, academic and the general public. 

CIRCA Members contribute to industry publications.

Academic Interaction:

CIRCA Members are available to address the student community on the benefits of CCPs.  

Contact: Anne Weir

For 10 years, the CIRCA Award has encouraged University & College teams to experience Fly Ash as a performance-enhancing supplementary cementing material (SCM) at the Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race.

Government Representation:

CIRCA engages regulators & stakeholders in development of programs & policies to avoid inappropriate barriers to Coal Ash use. 

Activities include input to Federal government Departments including: Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Health Canada & Canada Border Services Agency.

National Representation:

CIRCA coordinated activities of the Industry-Government Working Group on "Beneficial Use of Coal Ash & Applications” 2009-2010 with representatives from Natural Resources Canada, National Research Council Canada, CanMET, Public Works & Government Services Canada, Environment Canada and Canadian Ready Mix Concrete Association.

International Collaboration:

CIRCA works with international colleagues to support the sustainable use of Coal Combustion Products.

CIRCA is a Charter Member of the World Wide Coal Combustion Products Network (WWCCPN)

and an Associate Member of the American Coal Ash Association (ACAA).

CIRCA supports the US-based Citizens for Recycling First.

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